• Q. Please tell me about the founding.
    A. In October 2012, it was established as APPRESEARCH Co., Ltd. while enrolled in Shinjuku -ku, Tokyo.
    After that, with the expansion of the business area, the company name was changed to "PKSHA Technology Co., Ltd."
  • Q. Please tell us about the origin of the company name.
    A. PKSHA (Parksha) is derived from the Sanskrit name "Ville Parksha" of "Hiromi Ten" in Buddhism with Senri -eye.
  • Q. Please tell me the exchange that is listed on stocks.
    A. The company first publicly listed its shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers on September 22, 2017 and then moved its listing to the Standard Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on September 22, 2022.
  • Q. Please tell me the securities code.
    A. 3993.
  • Q. When is the financial results announcement?
    A. Our settlement period is the end of September every year, and the interim financial results are at the end of March. The financial results will be announced in November and the following year, respectively.
    In addition, we are also developing business performance in the quarter.
  • Q. Where can I check my past performance?
    A. The "IR Library" listed on this website discloses financial results, financial statements, and securities reports. Also, please refer to "Business / Financial Information" for changes in financial results.
  • Q. When is the dividend shareholder confirmed?
    A. The final dividend shareholder is determined at the end of September. The shareholder confirmation when the interim dividend is made is the end of March.
  • Q. Is there a shareholder special treatment system?
    A. Currently there is no preparation.
  • Q. What is the number of shares in the unit?
    A. It is 100 shares. * 1 unit refers to the number of shares in the trading unit.
  • Q. What should I do with the name of the name writing and address change?
    A. I would like to ask Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank Co., Ltd., a shareholder list management.
  • Q. When is the general meeting of shareholders?
    A. The regular general meeting of shareholders is held every year in December. We plan to guide the shareholders in early December, as of September 30th, for the time and location of the event.
  • Q. How can I use my voting rights at the general meeting of shareholders?
    A. We have sent a notification of the general meeting of shareholders to shareholders listed in the shareholder list at the end of the general meeting of shareholders (as of the case of the general meeting of shareholders) (as of the case of the general meeting of shareholders).
    The use of voting rights
    (1) Please attend the Josai Association with this user.
    (2) Return the pros and cons in this book and return it.
    It can be performed by either method.
  • Q. Where are the inquiries such as requesting materials?
    A. Please contact us here.