Disclosure Policy

  • 1. Information opening standards
    The Company is transparent in accordance with the "Timing of Company Information, etc." (hereinafter referred to as "timely discrimination rules") in the laws and regulations of the Fusion Product Transactions Law and the Tokyo Stock Exchange, etc. We will promptly disclose information based on fairness and continuity. In addition, even if it does not fall under laws and regulations or timely opening rules, information that is determined to be important or useful for shareholders and investors to understand the Company will be actively and fair.
    In addition, information that will infringe on individual information, customer information, and the rights of stakeholders will not be opened.
  • 2. How to open information
    The opening of information specified by the timetable opening rules will be performed through the Time Opening Information Transmission System (TDNET) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange in accordance with the same rules, and will be released on our website as soon as it is released by the system. I will post it. For information that does not fall under the timely opening rules, information that is determined to be important or useful will be widely opened by posting it on our website.
  • 3. Insider trading protection
    Regarding insider transactions, etc., we have established information management rules and insider transaction management rules to defend. In addition, every year, we hold study sessions related to insider transaction regulations to officers and employees, and distribute commentary books, and strive to enlighten the purpose of the purpose and understand the understanding, and work on insider transactions as appropriate. We are revealing attention.
  • 4. Handling of performance forecasts and future information
    Except for the results of business forecasts, the future, strategies, targets, etc., are described in the future, except for the past or current facts, and these are at this time. We are based on plans, expectations, and judgment based on the information and reasonable assumptions that are reasonable. Therefore, the actual performance, etc., may be different from the developmental forecasts, etc., due to fluctuations in various uncertainties such as economic conditions.
  • 5. Silence period
    From the viewpoint of preventing the leakage of financial results (including quarterly financial results information) and ensuring the fairness of information development, the period from the end of the financial results (quarterly financial results) to each financial results is silent. It is set. During this period, we will refrain from answering and commenting on questions regarding financial results and business performance. However, in the event that the forecast forecast fluctuates during this period, we will publish it as appropriate according to the timely display rules.
  • 6. About the development of an in -house system
    In accordance with this disclosure policy, we are working to develop and enhance the internal system in order to provide appropriate information in accordance with various laws and regulations and timely display rules.