Message from Top Management

Toward a society where people and software co-evolve

As of 2021, we are beginning to enter an era in which software and people are constantly connected, and "software" is, as the word suggests, a "soft" technology that is shaped by the will of people.

The role of software in the future is not to replace people's abilities or take away their jobs.

Software will evolve together with people to solve various problems that have been left behind in society as of 2021.

We envision a new relationship in which people and software interact with each other and evolve together.

For example, a future where people and software communicate and learn together through intuitive communication using words, sounds, and actions, rather than one-way, clerical input such as keyboarding.

A future in which everyone can weave smooth "connections" in digital spaces such as social networking services, where names and faces are unknown and the negative aspects of people are not amplified but rather intervened by sophisticated software between people.

Software will accompany each person and expand their wishes and skills, so that each person's differences will shine through as value in a dimension different from that of the past. We believe that we can create such a truly diverse world.

That is why we will develop the software of the future, and by pioneering its commercialization as a service, we will promote the "co-evolution of people and software" through a cycle of research and implementation.

Katsuya Uenoyama, Representative Director