Providing image-free size estimation technology to the made-to-order brand "KASHIYAMA"

  • Video Recognition and Video Synthesis


Project period
March 3, 2021

Our subsidiary Sapeet Inc. has provided its size estimation technology to "EASY", a custom-made set-up for "KASHIYAMA", a custom-made brand developed by Onward Personal Style Co.
This marks the release of an online, image-free measurement system that enables us to estimate a customer's body shape with our technology and propose a set-up in the most appropriate size, without the need for special measurement tools or full-body photographs.


Sapeet's size estimation technology uses a size estimation algorithm that can estimate the correct size of the user and recommend the finished measurements by simply answering three items (height, weight, and age) and five simple questions. Through analysis, we will provide even more accurate size estimation technology.
Onward Personal Style's vision of aiming for better comfort through 3D body shape-based design, rather than design based on numerical measurements, matches the direction of the 3D algorithm technology that Sapeet has cultivated to date, and the two companies are in discussions for further initiatives. We are currently working on this project.


Comment from President Sekiguchi of Onward Personal Style Co.

With the demand for fashionable and functional items increasing due to new lifestyles and changes in the way we work with the increase in telecommuting and online meetings, the new "EASY" line is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of situations with a moderate sense of trend and three categories of offerings. The set-up is custom-made for men and women and offers high functionality such as water repellency and easy comfort.
The new line "EASY" is based on technology provided by Sapeet Corporation, a University of Tokyo-based company with strengths in 3D-related algorithms, and the use of data accumulated in the manufacturing process since the company's founding. We have developed By entering height, weight, age, and body shape, it is now possible to propose "high-function wear in your size.

Member in charge

  • YOSHIYAMA kyohei

    M.S. in Systems Innovation, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo.
    While in school, he studied optimization algorithms for clothing shape using physical simulation.
    After graduation, he joined Sapeet Co. where he was engaged in the development and operation of body size estimation models and posture estimation models.
    He is a part-time lecturer at the Graduate School of Human Health Science, Tokyo Metropolitan University.

  • MURAKAMI daisuke

    Graduated from the Department of Precision Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokyo. While in school, he studied service engineering.
    After graduation, he joined Simplex Corporation, where he was involved in the development of systems for securities companies.
    After that, he worked as an engineer and project manager at a FinTech venture company before joining Sapeet.
    At Sapeet, he was involved in the development of posture analysis products, project promotion and software development for the solutions business.